Crazy life is an understatement but many stories, thoughts, and a bit of advice (need or not) will be the reason of this site and my blog pages. I will give a brief synopsis of who I am. Born in Florida and adopted within 2 days, much more to come on this. I was adopted to a military family, mother, father, and brother. My brother was also adopted by a different mother 2 years earlier.

As a daughter to a military dad we moved from Florida, then Japan, next was Germany, then back to the US with California as the first stop, finally settling in West Linn, Oregon. The journey took me to adulthood where I lived in several spots in Oregon until I headed up to Washington. After 4 apartments I gave birth to my kids and headed to Arizona, with a stop in Colorado for a couple of years then right back to Arizona.  

Now I am here sitting in 105 degrees and deciding I might have something to share, hmmm at least I sure hope so.