Post Traumatic Stress Disorder better known as PTSD can be scary for the person going through it and for the people on the other end. It isn’t schizophrenia but sometimes it can feel as you are disconnected from your thoughts and at its worse you can relive traumatic events as if you are there and not able to see what is reality.

PTSD comes from some stressful event/events. They can come from a war driven battlefield, to an accident that left you in severe distress, or an action out of your control that brought on physical pain, mental pain, or both.

It isn’t created from your ethnicity, your sex, your sexual preference, your status, nor the amount of money you have, PTSD can be a disorder for anyone that has gone through a trauma that they can’t move past.

I personally have PTSD, when I was in my mid 20’s, two men followed me from a club and I didn’t see them until I was almost to the apartment. The grabbed me choked me until I passed out and then threw me down 3 flights of stairs. I ended up with a broken tail bone, ribs, cracked cheek bone, and leaving me for dead at the bottom. Luckily for me I survived but they were never caught.

Months later I was at an event and saw a friend, who my brain triggered that this person was one of my perpetrators, which was wrong. I couldn’t see anything except this was one of the men. The next day he came to see me and let me know what happen. I went to a doctor to see what is going on with me and was diagnosed with PTSD from the event.