Creating Joy is a personal road that one travels. You can bring others along but they can’t make the joy for you. It  can be a tough road when you have mental or physical health concerns. Just knowing your not alone can start a recovery process. I have personally been effected with heart issues, bone issues, depression,  and suicide concerns. 

TOP 10 Ideas to help create joy:

  1. Smile when you see someone else no matter how you feel.
  2. If you have children play with them pretending you are the same age.
  3. If you’re a foodie when you are feeling down take a few bites to settle yourself.
  4. Music no matter the type can help you from thoughts that bring you down.
  5. In the day and age of texting, Social Media and less in person talking try to go back in time and pick up the phone, plan an hour at the park with a friend just to talk, or even write a letter and mail it off.
  6. Depending on when you have a moment, watch the sunrise or sunset.
  7. Go to a park and run in the grass barefoot
  8. Keep a journal of happy moments so you can read the moments when you are a bit down.
  9. Create something artistic, a painting, drawing, pottery, music, or anything else you find artistic.
  10. Making love / having sex (not as a one night stand).    

We all have paths we have traveled and the path can be as a child up to being an elder, however, it doesn’t matter the age but knowing how to find the silver lining. I have the blogs on the main page and will add links to each additional pages geared directly with the specific subject pages.