How I Lost My Mind!

Have I lost my mind? Well that depends on who I ask. I listen to my doctors but at the same time I think many doctors want to keep you dependent on their medicines and coming in. I have one doctor I see every three months. I think it is ridiculous but of course she doesn’t, I have another 2 doctors that say every 6 months. One I went to after 2 years, of course he let me know how he felt about that, and the other one I don’t listen to everything he has to say.

That brings me to my whole point of losing my mind. I have a doctor that said I was never to run or put strain on my bones. So, what did I finally decide to do? I decided to do a 5k marathon. It was fun, a bit tough because I don’t know how to train (or want to) prior to the races. I now have set up another 5k in November and keep looking on the horizon on what else might come my way. Should be rather interesting when I go and see him next time. We must listen to a doctor from time to time, but I really think our lives are ours to live. Sometimes we can be too scared to get out there and just enjoy what you can find because of a doctor’s advice. If I fracture or break a bone, then I know that he must be right.

In the mean time I will keep looking up things that will push my limits to get out there and be happy.

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